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Northwest Church Family Network (NCFN) and So Others Might Eat (SOME) are pleased to announce a collaborative arrangement for the future of the Augusta and Louisa Apartments in northwest Washington. In November, 2011 SOME assumed the property management of the two buildings and case management for the 27 families living in transitional housing there. Additionally, an agreement has been reached between the two organizations for SOME to acquire and own the properties by December, 2012. SOME will complete a substantial renovation of these 100 year old buildings. Improvements will include an elevator, central heating and air conditioning system, updating all electrical, plumbing and security systems, employing energy efficient building standards, and reconfiguring the space to create 28 new transitional housing units that will accommodate a variety of household sizes.
This arrangement came about as a result of the desire of the NCFN Board to find an organization with the experience and capacity of resources to operate housing with supportive services for low income families and the financial resources to carry out a substantial renovation of these aging buildings. With mission to serve low income families with safe, decent affordable housing, SOME was the perfect partner. To date, SOME has completed the required environmental and engineering assessments and preliminary drawings for the renovation estimated to cost approximately $3M. Once the property transfers, the timeline for completing the renovation will be approximately 12 months.
Each family currently living in the units has met with a SOME case manager and has been relocated into one of the many affordable housing developments owned by SOME where their case management and provision of services will continue or into other appropriate long term housing. The NCFN Board has offered to continue to serve current and future families through volunteering, mentoring programs, holiday gatherings, etc..
Once the renovation is completed, SOME plans to hold a dedication ceremony and invite the NCFN Board, friends and the neighboring community and all those who have been so instrumental in supporting the NCFN families in the past, to celebrate with SOME the re-opening of the Augusta and Louisa and their next 50 years of providing shelter for formerly homeless families.
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